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Docker & Containers



  • This is a structured list of blogposts covering the network time protocol - NTP - Blog
  • Regex Crossword
  • Stop Using the OSI Model – rule 11 reader
  • The Tale of the Mysterious Traceroute - Daniels Networking Blog
  • The Secret Life of Traceroute. Tweet from @SYNbit - The secret life of traceroute. There is more to - (interpreting) traceroute than meets the eye. This presentation-pdf has a lot of good stuff in it
  • How Networks Really Work
  • Learn REGEX the Easy Way
  • Watch “Sunny Classroom” on YouTube - lots of short and to the point videos on network fundamentals
  • Watch “How a Switch Forwards and Builds the MAC Address Table” on YouTube - 9 mins


Certification and Careers



  • Watch “Python and Linux on Cisco IOS?” on YouTube - 30 mins
  • Changing Cisco IOS BGP Policies Based on IP SLA Measurements - blog
  • Site to Site VPN between Cisco Routers

Data Centre & Whitebox

Service Provider

Tools and Testing

Automation and Configuration Management


  • Watch “GOTO 2015 • Agile is Dead • Pragmatic Dave Thomas” on YouTube - 40 mins
  • How to create the Structure of a Python Project - Morioh
  • Getting started with Python
  • Gregory Szorc’s Digital Home - High-level Problems with Git and How to Fix Them
  • Are you learning to code? - free ebook after subscribing
  • Watch “Getting Started with Python in Visual Studio Code - Python with VSCode” on YouTube - 15 mins
  • Paged Out! is a new experimental - one article - one page - free magazine about programming - especially programming tricks
  • A Guide to Excel Spreadsheets in Python With openpyxl – Real Python
  • How to Write Clean Python Code With Parameterized - Morioh
  • Watch “Learn Python” on YouTube - playlist







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