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  • Why Is There No Docker in OpenShift 4 and RHEL 8? - Crunch Tools
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  • Terraform in Docker. Treating Your Terraform like an Application - Part 1 and Part 2
  • Tracing the path of network traffic in the kubernetes system. Watch “Life of a Packet - Michael Rubin, Google” on YouTube - 35 mins


  • Deploying vSRX 3.0 (19.1R1) on Openstack - ameen.io - this verson works great in EVE-NG as well, much smaller and quicker to boot than previous bloated versions - not quite as small as the old v12.1x versions but latest code and better performance is a win-win
  • saidvandeklundert.net - Juniper and JSON
  • Mapping Junos OS Command Output to JSON in the CLI - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks
  • Watch “vSRX on AWS” on YouTube - 14 mins
  • containerised Routing Protocol Daemon (cRPD) Release Notes - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks
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Certification and Careers


  • Command line interface command to display whether fibre was attached or not - GitHub repo
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols with DMVPN - Network Direction

Data Centre & Whitebox

  • LinkedIn, a Data Center Innovation Powerhouse, Is Moving to Azure
  • DC Fabric CICD pipeline - mwdca / fabric - GitLab
  • VxLAN BGP EVPN: Technology Building Blocks – Techforce
  • Cumulus Basics Part VII - VXLAN routing - asymmetric IRB
  • Watch this live demo of NetQ 2.0- email address needed
  • Watch “Openstack Networking Overview” on YouTube - 45 mins

Service Provider


Tools and Testing

Automation and Configuration Management

’’ A while ago Tom Limoncelli wrote a great article about starting an automation journey from sysadmin perspective.

• Document what you’re doing. I usually add “try to simplify what you’re doing so you won’t be automating the existing mess”

• Create automation equivalents for your manual steps (I call this part “easy wins” or “picking the low-hanging fruit”)

• Create automation out of automated steps – at this point you should start thinking about data models, system architecture, and testing and deployment procedures

• Self-service portals – once you’ve automated the manual steps, integrate your tool with larger systems and give it a self-service portal. In networking world, you’d have to start thinking about IPAM/CMDB integration

• Discipline – once you start the automation journey, never turn back. Even if you have to do one-offs automate them – because one-offs usually happen more than once. As expected, the main automation benefit Tom points out isn’t cost reduction or similar nonsense but:

• Consistency

• Democratization of work – an interesting way of saying “because you automated things, more people can work on the problem using your tools”

• Accelerating future work.

Even if you don’t care about automation I’d strongly recommend you read the whole article ‘’


  • Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules!!
  • Watch ““Book As Code” With LaTeX, Github, Travis CI, and AWS S3” on YouTube - 33 mins
  • djhworld - I don’t know how CPUs work so I simulated one in code
  • What is a fork, really, and how GitHub changed its meaning - Drew DeVault’s Blog
  • Jupyter Notebook. An Introduction – Real Python


  • PacketPushers. Watch “Understanding ASICs For Network Engineers (Pete Lumbis)” on YouTube - 46 mins
  • A Quirk of Traceroute That You’ll Want to Know About – NETWORK FUN-TIMES
  • Cranky Old Network Engineer Complains About The Youth Of Today - MovingPackets.net
  • Great set of notes & cheat sheets - netquirks
  • Watch “Using Juniper for the First Time - JunOS CLI” on YouTube - brilliant intro to Junos by networkdirection - 20 mins


  • Cisco SD-WAN Deployment Guide - April, 2019 - Cisco PDF




Sounds Cool!

  • Quick start tutorial Routr in Google Cloud Shell - Routr is an open-source SIP Server for the rapid deployment of VoIP networks
  • Neverware gives the Chromebook experience the best chance it’s ever had for enterprise adoption

And Finally